How To: Stearing Bearings

The reason for no posting is because it's easy and straight forward. The most difficult part will be finding a socket big enough to fit the steering stem. Getting enough grease on the lower bearing is a bit tougher but take your time and make sure to get grease well packed into the rollers.

!!!!BEFORE YOU USE THESE GUIDELINES, READ YOUR MANUAL!!!!! If I am wrong, you'll need to intercept me on this. I am at work, without my manual.

pull front tire off

bars have to come off

Remove the stem nut

remove plate washer

loosen ALL fork pinch bolts

remove fork legs

remove upper triple clamp

remove plate washer

remove jam nut

remove lower triple clamp assembly

grease the crap out of everything

upon reassembly, do NOT tighten the stem nut unless your fork legs ARE installed in both upper and lower triple clamps (do not torque them, just

install them for alignment purposes).

You'll never get your fork legs in otherwise.

well easy and atraight forward but i still need a few walk throughs. I am scared to do certian things t this bike cause i have a problem breaking things. So a little walk through. thanks

yes thanks kevin. that i what i needed. we must have posted at the same time. I will print this out then check my manual. thatnks again.

Chris L.

If you just need to add some grease and you don't need to remove the bearings for cleaning,just set it on your stand with the front wheel 3-4" off the floor.then remove only the top tripple clamp and when you take the spanner nut off, lower the wheel to the floor and grease away.Even if you want to remove the bearings for a good cleaning,I don't think I would disassemble it any more.

Ok i tried a search. Nothing helpful. I need to grease my stearing bearings. I havent done that yet. I am assuming that i will have to

1. Take off my headlight, handlebars.

2. Then what. I want to do this tonight. If someone will stear me in the right direction that would be great. I have an idea but i need to know if there is anything like the clip on the Cam that everyone drops when doing yz timing. Someone want to walk m through this.. thanks guys.

Keep these part numbers in mind when you open her up.

Top Bearing : 93332-00078-00

Lower Bearing: 93332-00081-00

$27.50 each

Bonzai :)

Fit a grease nipple to the head, do a search on the topic. Next time you only have to connect a grease gun - alot easier !! :)


Hey Nige,

Does the grease ooze out when the bike is run for any length of time? I would hate for the grease to be spooging out during a race, caking my front wheel, header, and other bodily parts...

I really liked Taffy's pics of the grease zerks he fitted to his bike! My kid's King Cobra had terrible problems with steering stem bearings and swingarm bushings until I did the grease zerk mods last year. Glad to know it is do-able for the WR, too.

The grease won't make a big mess if you just wipe off the excess when you grease it (I recommend doing it after power washing to help squeeze out water). Hand-pack your CLEAN bearings first, just smearing them is not enough: Put the grease and the bearing in a Zip-lock baggie and squeeze the grease through each roller. Use the same grease each time (some are not compatible). I use Mobil-1 synthetic, but ANY wash-out resistant grease, usually lithium-based, will be better than none.

Todays manufacturers know that there is far more profit in parts than in grease zerks and prevention! NO OTHER EXCUSE!! :)


I use high temp. Lithium based grease & none runs out. Must admit though before fitting the grease nips i looked around for the grease knowing its going get some heat from the oil in the frame etc. I've done this mod to both of the Wr's i've owen & it works great & no probs.



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