Was the WR400 a good move?

I have been looking for a plated xr600 for some time now...tough to find in good condition....Decided to pick up a 1999 WR400 Plated. I am getting back into off road riding after 20 years off (have done street since then).

Had my heart set on a basic design, little maintenance, durability, all around bike. I am 40yrs. old, 6'3" and 196lbs in very good shape..gym 4x per wk.

I am thinking that the WR may be a bit more "strung out" with higher maintenance, and somewhat less reliability. The prospect of big, manageable power from the bottom is really appealing, not to mention less wrenching, oil changes, filter changes.....just looking at the quagmire of "stuff" that makes up the carb of the WR!!!! Not to mention, radiator and waterpump...

Buyers remorse or am I on to something with simpler is better/more than enough? thanks for any insight

You made a great choice. While there is a bit more maintenance to the WR (maybe more oil changes depending on how anal you are), performance-wise it is head and shoulders above the XR. Don't get me wrong, the XR is a great bike, but the WR has more, better power, better suspension, and better handling. No, you have not made a mistake. You will love it!

good choice of bike, the maintenance aspect isn't bad at all, the carb is pretty basic and I've never had issues tuning it just right, IMO, it's a great all around bike. I hear many horror stories about other brands, but it seems anyone who owns/owned a yzf or wrf has good things to say.

Well, what do you guess a bunch of WR owners are going to say?

Heck yeah, you did the right thing!!!

Change your oil and clean your air filter. That's most of it. When it comes time to check the valves, it's not too hard to do yourself if you have any idea of what you're doing (I don't on that one), or just have a local dirtbike guru check it out for you.

You will love the bike the first time it tractors you through some tough terrain. Enjoy!

Its a wr400, so its at least 8 years old. Make sure that the top end it in good shape. If its not, then you should just be aware that you may need a new piston. When you finally do the piston, get the big bore kit.

On my wr450, my valves never, ever move or need adjusting. I always feel like I wasted an hour checking them every few months. But the key thing here is that its only an hour.

Once the carb is setup correctly, you won't have to fool with it.

I had an xr500. You will LOVE the lighter weight and the suspension on the WR.

Not so sure about running out and getting a new piston. But when I got an old '99 wr400. I slapped on a new timing chain. Put in an '03 exhaust cam for autodecompression, and reshimed the valves. So far it has been a very fun bike. Just jet it right, change the oil, and watch the coolant level. Not to high stung at all. YZ's might be a tad high stung for woods riding but wr's are perfect.

The WR is the "XR" of the modern era bikes IMO. I bought a used '99 WR400 and have had zero issues. The valves also keep in spec really well. IMO the only difference you might have to do a few more oil changes compared to an XR. That's it. The only things I do not like are...1. the airbox access under the seat and 2. lossening the exhaust header when doing a oil filter change (after market header fixes this, I run a stocker). These are not a big deal for me. These power plants are durable, smooth and you'll love the power with this bike. They scream big time. KJR

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