444 kit and SS valves

Well I've been thinking about getting a 444 kit from Lukes racing and switching over to the 2000 OE SS valves on my 02 426. Has anyone ever done this setup? Or something similar? I probably will not do this right away, but wanted some opinions on it if there is any.

Bump!! Anyone? Do I run the valve specs for the 00 426 or the 02 426 if I run stainless valves? I'm guessing I would use the specs from the 00 since that bike had the stainless valves. anyone know?

You will love the 444 kit...no replacement for displacement...nuff said. I went up a tooth on my countershaft sprocket because there was so much more torque that first gear was useless...all it did was dig a trench. I'm running the 13.5:1 piston, and occasionally have to add some octane booster or mix in some race gas to keep the death rattle away, but it's kind of a function of the quality of the gas.

As far as the valves, I have read several posts here on TT from folks that were talking about doing it, but have never seen any results. There shouldn't be any issues, though. If you are going to run the SS valves, you need to get the SS springs, retainers, collets, etc (basically, the entire valve set up). Make sure you cut the seats as well, and check the guides. You would want to run 00 valve guide clearance as well if it's any different than the 01-02 spec, and the 00 valve clearances as well. The SS valves are a bit cheaper than the Ti valves, and it's doubtful that you will notice a real performance difference.

Yeah the whole setup is much much cheaper!! I think just the ti valves alone cost about $4-500 and all of the components for the SS cost $125 from the TT store.

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