Which mods for the Canadian WR426 2002

Hi everyone, :D

I keep reading about all the various mods that can be done to the WR. I was wondering if any of you know what mods apply to the Canadian edition. I know that our mufflers are less restrictive than the US models :D. But what are the other differences :) Blue wire, BK, acv etc..


Hi Sylvain

All I did was add a set of rad guards,Bark Busters (A must) and ride.

If you want keep your eyes open for a stock YZ muffler and take the air box lid off if you want

Did you ever get your street kit figured out

i can help you on this one. i have a CAN 2000 wr400. here we go. don't worry about the blue wire it is a BS mod anyways. does nothing. the BK/GB mod is the same. ACV is the same. pipe is your choice, i think the CAN pipe makes a great driver on the course but that is all. lose it and get a better one. YZ being the cheapest or a TA is cheap too. there is NOOO grey wire on the CAN version. air box lid thing is the same too. all the rest is just like the USA one. happy riding.


I have tried a few mods on mine. The most noticable was to change to the YZ cam timing. Much more top end, but less bottom. I ended up switching back to the WR timing because I think it works a lot better for 1st and 2nd gear single track. If you ride in open areas you will definetly like the YZ timing.

I drilled 8 5/16" holes in the end of my muffler. This wakes it up a bit, without increasing the noise by much. I havn't tried an aftermarket exhaust because noise is a big issue where I ride.

The best mods I have made by far are an IMS tank, YZ seat and Race Tech suspension.

Because my brother and i both have 426's we had the privilage of testing your loss of bottom end with yz timing theory, i changed mine to yz timing and he left his standard and then we had a drag, mine was no slower down low than his, swap bikes, same thing, fitting an "e" series needle will increase the bottom end power and smooth out that two stroke punch you get from the yz timing. :):D

There are a couple more significant things that are different. First, you don't have a throttle stop, so no need for that mod either. Second, your spring rates are lighter. From what I can gleen from the manual, all bikes except the US models have .42 fork springs and a 4.8 shock. US models have .46 and 5.0.

My best mods so far are the seat and the suspension setup.


I'm getting there :D. I ordered my rear brake switch (Mecanical), it's pretty well the last item I needed. I bought a good used handlebar control, bought acerbis signals, all the wiring and connectors. We had our first snow storm this weekend :) , so I think the bike will get to the basement pretty soon to be worked on :D. I have quit a few things I wish to do on it. Install grease nipples and go over all the lube points, drilled and install unifilter breather holes in the lid. I was also thinking about other popular mods, but after reading more about it, I'll just fine tune the stock jetting and may be drill holes in the end of my stock exhaust pipe. :D

Winter is already here, :D

Regarding : I drilled 8 5/16" holes in the end of my muffler

You just drilled the holes around the main exhaust opening ? I was thinking about doing just that. The exhaust pipe is stainless, did you use a special drill bit ?

Thanks for the reply

One of the best mods is the tank/seat mod. Change to an IMS or Clarke. This allows you to put a YZ seat on. You can get up higher on the tank(better for single track) and it lowers the center of gravity as the fuel is carried lower. If you ride a lot of single track you will love this set up

I drilled the holes around the outlet, centred on the flat part. I made a template out of paper and glued it to the pipe to locate the holes. Just use a regular high speed steel drill bit. The metal is quite thin so it is easy to drill. I also made some plugs from 3/8" sheet metal screws just in case I need to be really quiet.

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