Chat room for thumper talk ?

anybody know why why thumpertalk doesnt have a chat room?

i think it would be a great addition to the site,

what do you guys think ?

Looks like you still havent got your 450 yet??

i dont think anybody's got their 450 yet, not that i have heard anyway. :)

chat room would suck up all the bandwidth.not to mention the fact that EGO would be in the chatroom all day trying to convince the young thumper owners to have cybersex with him.

I sugested the same thing a couple of months ago .

I go to the chat at somtimes but its

usally full of pi## ants.

Ya want ot chat PM each other and use Yahoo, or Aim or MSmangler

Chat on the here is not as much as a bandwidth issue its minimal. But it would take away from the forum I think.

It would take away from the forum for a few reasons:

1: Info shared in chat may be needed by others

2: It becomes a Separatists forum (Meaning Clicks)

3: They Suck and they are annoying

And expecially bambster said Alot of PPants

Nah No Chat room

Ditto - no chat.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

You mean Mr. Royce Woods of the almighty AMA was WRONG?!!!

This ISN'T "some chatroom using him and the AMA for fodder"?

Oh my gosh! I LOVE fodderizing that fool...I have no mission in life anymore...(sob) :)

We are considering chat functionality, but not full time. It might be interesting to set chat dates for specific topics or to invite a guest such as a pro rider or industry icon for Q & A. No promises, but we tested a chat solution last week. Cheers!


So if we get chat and we will be using it for say talks with experts and so on, that would be cool.

Can I suggest, we also use a chat room to hold a Thumpertalk Tribunal.

That way if we get all of our fruit-o-d-looms all bunched up we can hold a Tribunal to punish the offender

I will volunteer to be the Magistrate :D

All Hail KING EGO :)

just a thought

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