Prepping 06 450 for enduro

In the process of prepping my bike (06 yzf450) for some enduro/cross country hare hounds scramble events. Ive got a few questions but first here are some of things I have done or am going to do:

Q pipe 94db - uk noise restrictions

Wrap around hand guards

MSR enduro bash plate

Re-route oil breather into air box

Re-route carb overflows into air box

Is there a certain way of routing the carb overflows into airbox ? ive heard of many enduro lads doing it because of river crossings etc but id be unsure how to do it ? is there no issues with the petrol dripping in the air box with back firing etc ? Ive not taken the mesh screen off my filter cage but I would still be worried.

Also is there anything else worth doing to my bike, I also ride mx on mainly deep sand tracks which are mainly very wet for most of the year round !!

Cheers again fellas. Hope you can help.

Just been reading up and it seems that I need to re route all the tubes from the carb apart from the overflow tube line from the bottom of the float bowl. is this right ? :thumbsup:

The carb has 5 vent/overflow tubes on it. Two of these come off of fittings next to the slide housing that point straight up. Route only these two either up into the air box, or up under the fuel tank with the ends curled around so they point down and/or back. That will prevent raising any water into the other tubes, allow the carb to vent if the rest are submerged, and let the overflow work normally in the case of a flooding condition.

cheers for that Gray your proving a great help, so there won't be any serious issues with petrol from the vent or oil from the breather going into my airbox ?. What I was thinking of doing was drilling a hole in the airbox for the oil breather and vent tubes to go through, then silicone around the tubes in the hole to prevent water entering the airbox, and then zip tying them along the side of the top sub frame rail so there facing to the back of the air box away from the air filter.

Heres a rough drawing of what I mean, pink is oil breather, red are carb vent tubes. the black lines are just representing zip ties. Which side of airbox do you think is more suitable ?


You'll probably benefit from a gearing change too. Also, is your gas tank size large enough for the race? Other tips: A tool pack, roll off/tear off goggle system (for all that mud) and a good hydration pack. Tinker with the suspension setting if your coming from a mx track it will probably need to be softened up.

ive gone up to a 52 on the rear, 49 stock, and I am sticking with the 13 stock up front. Don't think Im fast enough to justify larger fuel tank yet, I think you can pull over in pits to re fuel as many times as you want in the events I want to try. Suspension is still stock so I think it should be ok ? Ive got smith roll off system allready. Still got to prep the bike but still injured (broken collar bone and shoulder blade) so just trying to heal up and get back to work at present ! then its time to enter some races.

Which side of airbox do you think is more suitable ?

Whichever there's more room on. Be sure to filter all 3 hoses without restricting them.

Do you think a bit of cut up airfilter ziptied or wired to the ends of the tubes would be sufficient gray ? also I won't come across any problems jet washing my airbox will I, so long as I have these tubes pointing down as best I can, as in stock form these tubes are all exposed anyway when washing etc ? cheers again

Shouldn't, but you should squeeze the water out of the filters when they get wet.

Just been looking for a better solution for a filter to put on the end of the oil breather when its in the air box, and came across air filters for radio controlled nitro cars, think they might work quite well. Just got to find one which will fit snug. What do you think fellas ?


well does it fit? if it does i would think it would be good. the only way to know would be to find out what kind of foam they use, and find a way to compare it to the uni filter type foam.

no clue how you would do this though. sorry not much help.

I just put the Yamaha GYTR skidplate on my 06 450. Good fit, good quality, about $120 American dollars. I put a set of Cycra hand guards on, again good fit and quality. A bit over $100. And rejetted with a 48 pilot, starts well, no hesitation, no popping on decel. Next up is the GYTR flywheel, 9 oz, that is waiting for me at the dealer, supposed to smooth things out a bit, less stalling, as my bike is a bit sensitive to my hamfootedness... I'll let you know how it works in a week or two.

well no that particular one in the photo probably won't I was just using it as an example. I'm going to go to the local model shop with the oil breather hose and measure one up that fits. On r/c cars they come straight off the carb and have to filter very fine dust particles etc, I'm sure it would be up to the job, I supose anything is better than running it open in the air box. Still unsure how I am going to filter the ends of the two carb breathers in the airbox.

other items to consider:

-Do you have rad guards? they're a must

-IMS oversized tank

-Rekluse auto clutch

-Vortex ingition (allows you too change maps on the fly with a button on the handle bar. in half a second you can go from stock, to more power, to more torque, to more traction depending on what you need)

Yes I have the works connection radiator cages, put them on as soon as I bought the bike.

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