Anyone work much overtime?

Anyone work overtime? Anyone work ALLOT of overtime?

I’ve been doing 12-hour days since September of last year. This week I’m working 84 hours!


I am the KING!

Monday through Friday its ten hours at the day job, then several (at least 4) hours at one of the two side businesses. My weekends no longer exist.

I feel your pain brother.

In march I worked 372 hours of witch the last 12 days on gravs . back to normal now . Tax man likes me .

12-16 hours a day, m-f. I hate the tax man...

Twelve hours on the clock, one hour off the clock (end of night reports), five days a week, can only take Sunday and one choice of Tues, Wed, Thurs off. Salaried, don't want to hear it from you hourly guys about taxes :D:):D

Bill :D

It's not "Overtime" It's "All the Time".

I put in an average of 55-60 hrs a week, which by it's self is'nt too bad. Some weeks are 90+. However... that's just the day job...

The last 4 years I've been going to the local Community College at night. The credit load has been as high as 10 credits and as low as 4 each term. If I ace this spring term (8 credits) I will finish all 4 years with a 4.0 G.P.A.

Add to all the above, My wife and I have been building on an addition to the house ourselves. It's a 26 by 36 attached garage. When it is finished it will be insulated, rocked, painted and fitted with new cabnets and two work benches. Oh... did I mention it will also have a special parking spot for my "Blue Beast" :D:D

In my spare time I sleep. ALOT. :)

Well I don't have to work much more than 8 hours a day. But, I have been working almost every week-end. :) If I didn't need the money to pay for my expensive motorcycle habit I would quit! :D

Overtime yeah, but salaried. I guess we get it back in year end bonus ! :)

Temporarily on 7 - 12's.

Get up at 0410, get home at 1930 EVERYDAY :) .

This is supposed to last ~30 days, then it's off to Bill's in PA for a weekend of roostin' :D

5 x 8 rain or shine, work at home if I feel like it.

leave early on Tuesdays for MX practice at ClubMoto

I love being a software developer :)

Hours have been getting better due to a slight drop in work in the entire industry (tv advertising). I can brag that I have put in more 30+ hour days than I can remember. When the client decides when the day is over all you can do is grin and put up with it. It is heck on the eyes doing computer graphics for that long of a stretch. But it pays well enough to cover two kids a roof and some wheels.

Tim Heslip

About 55-65 per week. Own a machine-shop with my brother. I avoid working weekends like the plague but sometimes have to to keep deliveries as promised. Typically leave home at 7:00 AM and arrive back at 8:00 or 9:00 PM. This system of things puts a strain on us all! Hope to simplify my life someday soon.

well you guys all work like i used to do. i now work 3-12's and that is tu,wed,thur. and then every other friday. i ride at least 2 days a week sometimes 3. i feel very good now, but had to work a long time to get this schedule.

i would quit if i did not have a motorcycle habit.

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