Cams ???

Are there same Cams for WR and YZ ???

Everybody does this Free Mod to the WR, changing Timing to YZ, why ??? Better torque...etc..

when looking at the left cam from the left side which is of course the exhaust, this should be retarded by one tooth. this is clockwise of course.

the bike fizz's. it just fly's across the clock. it can be deemed harder to ride and it is said by some to lose a little of the bottom end grunt.

in my experience it didn't diminish any of the bottom end and after 1/3 revs it just flew. by jetting correctly the bottom end is a vast improvement whether you make the change or not.

i'm one of only two or three riders who indexed the cams. you can gain a "feelable" torque increase in mid revs. real grunt. index camwheels can be purchased from falicon crankshafts of clearwater. the timing should be 106 degrees on either cam.


Sounds great, but i just wanted to know if Yam uses same timed Cam´s for WR and YZ ???

:D :D :)

the stock codes ARE different, as are the prices.

see them at (I think that is the correct web address)

I have a set of YZ cams that will be going back in my engine when I get my (now bored to 420 cc's) cylinder back from the machine shop.

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