Hey everyone-

I want to put an aftermarket system on my WR, but I can't decide which one. I would like to buy the LOUDEST one made, not the quietest. I live in Montana where there are no emissions standards or sound requirements - you can be free! Any suggestions would be appreciated. I also want stellar performance/excellent quality. I've got some down time now to put a pipe on because it just snowed here!

Oh man, I gotta move. Montana sounds nice. Do you guys have a speed limit?

The DSP is one loud SOB. Highly recommended.


White Bros. E-Series Pro Meg open end (no discs)

Must be at least 105-106 db.

Had one on my 426 for moto.

Needed ear plugs but they sure hear you comin'!

"big gun"2001 version.

I got the same as F-Pilot on my DRZ, and without the disc(blank one) I think it is something like 109 db. That is a lot. :)

Yeah dammit, they did put a speed limit in - too many people were getting shmucked when we used to not have one - most people can't live within their own means! Anyway, it is 75 now day and night, so that's really pretty fast. Actually, most people can't pull over 75 in a lot of places around here because the hills are so steep!

Thanks for the help everybody!

My brother just put a FMF Titanium IV on his DRZ400 and it is one of the loudest pipes I have ever heard. It will probably be a little bit louder on the WR. He used to have the powercore IV, which is what I have on my WR and mine was much louder. But now that he has Titanium IV his is louder.

i would have to say the e-series with nothing in it. i don have one but i heard one. it was louder then **** but it didnt sound as nice as the power core 4 does. my two cents

Just cuz you can doesn't mean you should....

Loud pipes, no matter where you ride, can only shorten the time before dirtbikes are banned everywhere.


White Brothers E with 12 dics.

Guaranteed to drown out a jet :D

Way to loud.

I have the DSP. It seems to me to be loud but I have not been measured yet. I recently purchased the FMF power bomb header and pipe. I am looking for more low end. It will not fit with the DSP pipe. I love the way it sounds now and I have not installed the FMF system because I think it might be to quiet.

I agree with Buckholz. (I am older also). I think that running a quieter bike will help out sport out in the future.

Enduro events here in the Pac NW are really cracking down on loud 4 strokes. A ban could be imposed or even a fine someday. I hope it never gets to that.

Don't get me wrong guys, I don't want to endanger the future of the sport either. However, I ride on private ground much of the time in very remote places where I am the only person for miles.

and believe you me montana is mostly remote places. How close are you to missoula?

I bud of mine had a Big Gun on his YZ400 and if you stood anywhere near it you wanted a pair of ear plugs.


Missoula is about 2 1/2 hours from where I live, Bozeman is 1 1/2, and Butte is about an hour.

closer to dillon then?

yep, only 30 miles from dillon

Hey crotchrocket,

I have a WB E-series that has become somewhat of, shall we say a noise problem? I've been thinking about selling it. Are you interested in used? I'm not sure what I'd let it go for, but somewhere in the $175 range or maybe a bit lower would be my guess as to it's value.



Is the system in mint condition? What kind of head pipe do you have? Can you send pics or any more information?

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