Everyone bitches about loud thumpers but never loud two-strokes. Watched Larocco's mechanic break in his outdoor bike. At full scream it was louder than most thumpers. Cant wait to see how loud his 450F is this year at Southwick :)

Hey crotchrocket

I think what you got now :stock exhaust unplugged , sounds awesome!

That’s the only soubd two stroke guys can hear when they get close to mine.



The pipe has about a season of riding on it. No dings or dents. The side-panel has scraped the side a bit, but soppose that would happen to a new one as well. I have 12 disks and a 8-12o'clock deflector to keep the exhaust from discoloring the fender. I just run the stock headpipe, and I can send pictures this weekend.


I was sound tested with my 2000 wr400 stock pipe, baffle out, airbox lid off, last weekend at a Desert race and was told it was 106. This is prompting me to purchase a sound meter. What is the official procedure for testing, distance and angle from the pipe and rpms.

I can't believe a stock uncorked WR pipe is 106 db.

The headpipe is a source for a good power increase. A tapered headpipe is well worth the money. Don't expect maximum gains with a stock headpipe.

Ok, here is is... I have tried stock, a Big Gun, an FMF, and a ProCircuit on my 2001 WR426F. I have a riding partner who has a 426 with a DSP. I can honestly say that the ProCircuit T4 is the most irritatingly loud bike of the bunch. It rattles the windows in my house when idling and on the track it just gets louder and louder [exponentially] when you roll on. The main drawback of the ProCircuit is that it was difficult to jet (go figure?).

All of these damn pipes are so loud that I'm actually thinking of going back to stock so I can think.

Good luck, you big 'ol noise polluter you!

FMF Titanium 4 on a CRF450R, it sets off car alarms.

Loudest two I've ever heard are as follows.

My old style full Ti Acrapovic system, which has no baffle, and is a bigger bore than the newer systems. I hardy use it, as it's totally obscene.

My friends 426 with a GYTR carbon can cut down to 6" in length - may as well have had no silencer!

Just cuz you can doesn't mean you should....

Loud pipes, no matter where you ride, can only shorten the time before dirtbikes are banned everywhere.

Amen brother!!!

I love aftermarket pipes, but only those that try to make quiet power..

loud pipe is no pipe

five year old thread guys.

Yeah , the guy that started that thread hasnt posted since 2003. Maybe he got shot by a farmer or hunter for having too loud of a pipe.

Just cuz you can doesn't mean you should....

Loud pipes, no matter where you ride, can only shorten the time before dirtbikes are banned everywhere.

Preach It Brother Man!


In AUSSIE our WR's are road registered so i often ride mine to work and the YOSHI is a bit on the loud side and you get a few looks.BUT my mates wr426 with full DR D hurts my ears ,it cuts like a knife. :thumbsup:

Hey everyone-

I want to put an aftermarket system on my WR, but I can't decide which one. I would like to buy the LOUDEST one made, not the quietest. I live in Montana where there are no emissions standards or sound requirements - you can be free! Any suggestions would be appreciated. I also want stellar performance/excellent quality. I've got some down time now to put a pipe on because it just snowed here!

&%$#@!, are you kiding me? What Montana do you live in? If you ride in the National forest you have a limit! They are closing a bunch of areas in Southwest Montana. Guys like you don't help-AT ALL! please rethink your approach. It appears all you need is attention not a loud pipe! If you care about others, people will care about you, and you won't need a loud pipe to get the attention! If your from Billings that would explain it all!

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