good deal or no? wr 400

2000 model wr 400, clean, 20/04/08 reg date, with leo vince pipe no other mods is 1300.00 worth it?:thumbsup:

I take it thats £1300 not usd. I sold my 01 426 a couple months ago for £2300 but that was with a set of supermoto wheels and tyres they would be worht 4to500. So ya £1300 would be a decent price, is it road registered?

I paid 1400 for my 99 model, dont go by cosmetics though. Ask about servicing how often what oil etc. You can soon make um look nice with cheap new plastics its the rest of it that matters.

yea its UK money lol, i know alot on what to look for with the bikes, i just want to make sure i get the right one that i will be happy with. im not a speed freak, im a tauquie kinda person but would still like to know what the top speed is, and also what gears lift the front wheel up easly?

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