What do I need to ride in USA

Thinking about heading down into the worm US for a few days of trail ridding. What do I need and where is the best place to ride.

I live in Calgary Alberta and ride a WR426

Well Outside of money if you come to Calif.

I would think you will only need to do is stop by a local DMV and pickup a temp permit if you are in Calif.

Will need a Forresty approved Sparky and a bike that is about 100db or less best to be 98 or less...

In the areas like Forrest Hil / Sacramanto I am told you can get the OHV permits at Mom and Pop stores instead of having to go the a DMV.

Also depending on who you stay with, Beer lots of Canadian Beer :)

The bike I am ridding is all stock so everything should be OK.

And what kind of beer to bring and how much to bring :)

What Kind:::

Well that depends If you are staying in Socal

Those guys will drink anything Yellow :) and fisses

NorCal is pretty particular as long as it costs more then 8 bucks a 6 pack they b happy. Except for those in San Francisco has to be Pink Label :D

How much::

Again the guys in Socal One beer half full thats about all they can handle, I here the gals down there can drink one Beer half Empty :D

NorCal, Bring a 24 foot Uhaul, Well except for San Fransico, They get limp wristed looking at a can o beer

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