Street Legal YZ426

I need to know how to make my 2000 YZ426 street legal, like what to get and where to get it.

1.speedometer coil



5.tail light

6.street tires

headlight taillight and blinkers i got mine from baja designs, along with a moose lighting stator.. excel wheels laced to radd hexx hubs, michelin power race tires.. gps for speedo

Acerbis makes a real tidy led taillight and also bush guards that have signals on them. You can use crotch rocket turn signals on your rear fender. Your also going to need a brake switch for your master cylinder, a small battery is wise because you'll only get 50 watts out of your stator, if you use a battery, you will need a WR450 regulator/rectifier. UFO Twins headlight is a good way to go.. Whatever you decided to do, make sure you stay low wattage on every light you get.

Cheap Speedo, Buy a wireless Bicycle speedo. Mine works great!

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