New Clutch Dragging

Just installed a new Hinson clutch, complete with springs and steels. When I put everything together, I had to adjust the cable quite a bit tighter to get the pull. Thought that was strange so I pulled everything apart again to double check. All was good, lubed up the fibers some more and reassembled. Started the bike up and the clutch dragged bad... so bad it would stall when clicked in gear if you didn't rev it. So I took it apart regretfully for a 3rd time to re inspect again. This time I soaked the plates a little longer in oil and that helped a bit. I've done many clutches before, never run across this problem. Maybe this will just break in? It does operate ok, just dragging some when stopped and its hard to get neutral. Any thoughts? No more testing time, race day is almost here!

New clutches often need one good heat cycle to get over this. Get it good and hot, slip it hard once or twice, then let it sit for 10 or 12 hours or more and it will usually be fine.

Also how old is that clutch cable, they do stretch over time? You may want to replace it - adjust tension at the top

Problem went away after a good burn in practice :thumbsup:

I am having the same problem now that I put my new Hinson complete assembly and new plates and springs. I thought after replacing everything the clutch would be perfect but now it is hard to pull and seems like something is wrong. It also drives a little while the clutch is in? Is there any certain way the rod that goes through from the magneto side to the clutch side is supposed to be? I have it pushed all the way in from the clutch side? I can't believe this? I have done about 5 of these before and never had this problem? Please help!!!!

What does Hinson have to say about these problems?

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