Ahhh Dang!

So I went out for a ride just now on my new 2007 wr450f. I just put the ACERBIS 3.3 gallon tank on this week, and it looks sweet. I went out to the local dry lake to practice wheelies. I have been practicing in 3rd gear, and am able to ride out the whole gear in a wheelie, so I decided to try 4th. I pick up my front end and start riding my best wheelie ever. I got about 4oo yards and am starting to rev out (doing about 60 mph). Slip--my bike went out from under me and I ate dry lake. BAD. When I finally came to a stop, the knees of my brand new riding pants were completely gone, my helmet is almost off my head, my chin dug a furrow in the lake, deep enough for planting corn. I can't feel my left hand. Great right? I pull my left glove off, and my pinky finger is about an inch shorter, and bending off to the outside at about a 30 degree angle. Since I couldn't feel it, I gave it a tug, and bam--it straightened out and the feeling came back. I finally get up off the ground, and go check out the damage. My ignition switch is bent flat, my muffler is bent up about 2 inches and tight against my rear fender--is that reparable? anyway, My front light doesn't work and my spedo doesn't either.

Not a good way to start your riding on your NEW bike............hope all heals well and you can get back on that beast...............:thumbsup:

Is a taco'd factory 4.1 titanium silencer reparable?

I've got another speedo if you need one.your pipe could might be fixable need pics .

Man, that really stinks. What hurts more the damage to your body or the damage to you bike?!?! On the bright side it could have been much worse and you should consider yourself fortunate.

You should go and get your hand checked out as you could have broken a metacarpal bone in your hand. I speak from experience, I didn't think my hand was broken until a few days later when my hand swelled up to the thickness of an orange.

You should also check if you subframe is bent and not your exhaust.

The damage to my bike hurts worse. I took an xray of my hand today, and yes--fractured metacarpal. I've got road rash all over--and my chin is now unshavable. The subframe is not bent. I will try to post pics tomorrow, I have to work 7am to 7pm. I hate working saturdays. Anyway, I might take you up on that speedo--how much?

Thats blows bradda! :thumbsup:

Hope you and your bike will be Ok. Could you include a pic of the new tank on the bike. I'm really thinking of getting one. Also does the original petcock fit? Thanks.

Hope you and your bike will be Ok. Could you include a pic of the new tank on the bike. I'm really thinking of getting one. Also does the original petcock fit? Thanks.

I'll second that. I'd like to see not just the damage, but a pic of your 3.3 gallon Acerbis.

How's work going with the broken hand, et al?


glad to hear your ok,

bring on the pics of the hand and of the poor girl.

cheers and best luck in a speedy recovery


Thanks for the quick response. The silencer looks bad...if it were me I would place a call to FMF and ask for help in a sympathetic tone. Maybe they can either repair it or offer a discount on a new one.

Is that a Zuma next to the WR? Been looking for one of those here in California.


yep--it's a 98 ZUMA. I road it to school for 7 years. Now I just use it to take the kids for rides. Good idea about the pipe. I have to work on my tone.:thumbsup:

Have you run the tank down to the bottom yet? The way the petcock is mounted, it doesn't look like it can pick up all the fuel. I have a 3.1 IMS now, and was thinking of switching, but if you end up leaving .2 of a gallon in the tank, why bother?

My thoughts exactly. I like the way the tank looks, but realistically, unless Acerbis doesn't count all the spare gas hanging out below the petcock in their 3.3 gallon figure, the tank is 2.9-3.1 gallons. Rather pointless. It looks cool though, and you don't have to use any other shrouds. Now I don't need to wait for white plastics for my WR.--it gives it that look.

A man has to know his limitations! Hope you and bike heal up ok.

i cannot pop a wheelie @ all, but i really think it is way cool your strength of conviction to do it in fourth!!!

its good to hear ur ok but if ur still up for learning to wheelie on the new girl its probably best that u get a wheelie instruction manual lol :p:eek:

Looks like the o'l girl held up pretty good for a 60mph dump don't expect much from FMF been there done that. Too bad about your injurys hope you heal quickly and get back to ridding soon. The tank looks cool I've been thinking of adding one to my 07. PS this gives you an excuse to rebuild it better and faster than before.

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