Oops! Bent subframe... Need to straighten.

Ok, this is for all you crashers...

How would you go about straightening a bent subframe? It's tweaked about 3" to the right, and down about 1/2" on the left side.

Thanks dudes.

ive bent a few subframes.if you only bent one side you can just sight it so it matches good side.if bend is at very end of subframe you should stick a piece of 2"x4" between left and right side of subframe.if you put the 2x4 between subframe at spot where bend begins it will keep frame from bending back in wrong stop.i just use bar to bend frame back and slowly adjust 2x4 so frame is always bending where i want.fender bolt holes are a good way to tell if frame is bent back correctly.if holes in fender line up your pretty close.

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