wr426 -01 DC wiring


I have some problems getting my turn signals to work on my Yamaha WR426F 2001. They didn't work when I bought the bike by the way. So far I have figured these things out. The AC output is working properly at about 12V. But the DC voltage is changing with the rpm, but about 25V at idle.

So my thought is that the DC regulator is broken, but is there two regulators? One for AC and one for DC. Becouse the AC output is OK. If so where is it located? I have found one component I think it is (the picture), but there is only two wires going in to it and it's not grounded so?

And since I have only got the wiring diagram for the enduro model without turnsignals that I guess don't use DC at all. But if it is so, the component I found is the only one that is not in the wiring digram for the enduro model (except the flash reley) which means that component must also be a fectifier? with just two wires!?


Hope you understand a little bit of my problem. My english is a little poor on technical terms.

my 2000 didn't seem to have DC anywhere (but I didn't look to hard either to be honest), I built a rectifier and changed the 12V ac to 6Vdc, smoothed the ripple out with a 1000uf 12v cap and now have 6v dc available to me for my homemade LED tail light - seems to work quite well.

Okey! I have thought of that too, becouse I getting tired of this damn old dirty wiring. The component in the picture seems to be a capacitor and a diode of some kind (or it's broken). But this way must be the easiest. Why did you choose 6v? is it becouse it dips down in idle? otherwise I was thinking about just adding a rectifier after the AC regulator. Or do I loose some voltage with the rectifier or can I convert 12vac to 12vdc straight out.

I would love to hear more about how you built it more in detail.

And one more thing. If it hadn't any DC power at all how did it work with the flasher reley or didn't you have any turn signals?


My 02 Has no DC power the turn signals (Baja Designs) work on AC power.

Do you have a Battery? A mechanical flasher will work on AC or DC.

I do not understand the differnce between US model and The Euro Model could you post the wiring diagram?

Check out a place called farplaces.com. I bellieve he is a TT member as well, help me out when i recently DS my Y2K 400F. cheers:ride:

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