Big Gun Pipe on 02 WR426

Anyone have any feedback on the Big Gun Pipes ??? I should be recieving mine in a couple of day's and just wondered if anyone had any info, good or bad.

I have one on my 99 WR400. I have only used it with the SA quiet core to date. Trick Ceramic coated header, clears the oil filter cover, nice slip on union that requires no clamp to connect the header to the can. It will probably require some fine tuning with the jetting as the header is oversize and gives up some back pressure compared to the stocker. I bought this setup used on Ebay for a steal of a deal. I have also personally tried the FMF powercore IV and the stock YZ can. How does it compare? Well the FMF definately had the biggest top end but was obscenely loud( keep in mind I have not tried the Big Gun race core) When fully repacked it is slightly quieter than the OEM YZ silencer. I am sorry to say that the only real advantage over the OEM YZ silencer is that it is spark arrested and slightly quieter. The butt-o-meter discerns no advantage over YZ can.

Hope I haven't depressed you?


I crunched my stock header pretty bad and I picked up a new Big Gun "Race" off Ebay for $227.00. It has to run better than the pretzel that"s on it now !!!

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