YZF Day: 4/26

It's that time of year again tomorrow. 4/26, YZF Day. Celebrate it with your buddies and your best 2-wheeled friend. :thumbsup:


That's one cool looking bike!

that is a bad looking dude....

Yeah, that's the one that started this whole thing. If you look closely, you can see there is not much resemblance to the production 400 engine that followed the next year.

there is not much of that bike that is anywhere close to my 99 yz400f.

the exhaust looks awesome.

the front fender looks pretty much the same..

Did they ever tell how much power that bike had? It was a one off works bike so it probably had the same power as today's factory bikes. I'm sure the powerband wasn't the same but peak HP and torque was most likely similar. Anyone know?

Power output in a race bike is always a compromise, and the power of the bikes in the larger classes is rarely the maximum the engine could potentially produce. It has to be balanced against rideability, durability, etc. Nascar and Can AM engines are not as powerful as Pro Stock engines, as a comparison.

If that's the same one Henry won the 'Vegas supercross on, I've seen it in person....Way cool. That was the first supercross I ever saw too.

and my dad and i will be tearing up jawbone on our yzf's on yzf day. :thumbsup:

I must buy that!

MXA did a little story too on our friend, MXA


Happy 4/26 day!

I think it had an Exup system on the exhaust. Guess they dropped that for the production models because of cost issues.

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