Hello everybody!!!

Hi everyone, this is my first post to this board and I just wanted to say hi to everyone.

I do have one question, I just brought my YZ426 home today and the dealer I got it at had no manual and said it doesnt have to be broken in?? (It is brand new).

Do I need to break it in and if so, how?

Yes , You should get the manual, its also a pretty complete shop manual. Run it at varing thottle for the first hour not to hard. I would also change the oil and filter after the first 3 rides. Get the dealer to supply you the manual. also remove the cork and cut your thottle stop.....

Good luck

Jplear, thanks for the reply.

What does "remove the cork and cut the throttle stop mean"?

Sorry if that sounds stupid.

Also, after the first hour can I get on the throttle?


You have a YZ, forget about the cork and throttle stop, thats for us WR folks. Have fun and be careful.

Pete :)

Ok so forget about the sea life (de octopussing) :)

But can I romp on the throttle yet? Someone please say YES.

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