Back to work tomorrow (off topic)

Finally got a job after being off work for three months, i'm starting tomorrow, its a four day working week with mondays as time and a half if i want, looks like have some good riding weekends comming up, i think it may cut into my TT time though. :)

Blue beast wins,

Good to hear your back to work, hope you have computer access at your new job.

I’m fortunate to have a job that provides a laptop and a wireless T1 connection speed Internet to boot! The nice part is I can go anywhere in the plant while being online, the drawback is I can’t venture too far from the plant before I loose the signal. :)

I'm an auto engineer so mostly in a workshop situation, may have to waight till after work to get on TT, pitty most people here are in nigh nigh land by then. :)


I am on here all sorts of hours... and am only an hour behind with Daylight saving... might see you here in near real time... :)


great, look forward to it. :):D


I figure you where a garbage truck driver :D

or a you are one of the champion little people bowlers :D

I never would figure you were a wrench

Glad to here ya back to the grind buddie....

Dont worry everyone BBW and I are Mates :D

I think :)

Even though ego may have serious mental problems in a retarded sought of way, me and ego are mates, grab a fosters folks and i'll get my wild turkey stubbie, Cheers to ego!! and happy hunting :D :D

Oh yeh, my first day back at work and it was ok..........i think :):D

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