sprocket saver

i just ordered one of those MP tools myself so i wouldn't have to take my chain off.

Anyone know if the alignment rod is long enough to reach at least mostly up to the front sprocket?
It doesn't appear to be, but you could get a longer rod easily enough.
Very nice, thanks for the link! Figures MotionPro would make one, they have some nifty tools. Anyone know if the alignment rod is long enough to reach at least mostly up to the front sprocket?

Got mine in yesterday. I'm disappointed! The rod (after it's attached) is only about six inches long! You are supposed to "sight" along the rod to align the front and rear sprocket. So, I tried that. The only problem is that the front sprocket dissapears from sight under the hump in the swingarm by the slider. I suppose you could retrofit it with a longer rod, but I imagine finding something that's absolutely straight over that length might be a problem. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't as it's definitely not a ready-to-use item out of the box.

sxp - what you have to do is raise the rear of the bike by unbolting the bolt that runs thru the swingarm hlding the shock linkage in place - this will give you a straight shot to view the cs sprocket. for a longer rod, just hit the hardware store - i found a piece of 1/4" rod that was nice and straight

isnt it just as easy to measure the distance to the centers of the pivot and axle with a tape measure?. This would give and accurate adjustment wouldnt it?

That's reasonably accurate, but not as much so as the straightedge method. It isn't all that easy to get the exact centers of the pivot and axle for the measurement. And as those who have used a straight edge running well forward will tell you, 1/12 turn of the adjuster bolt will move the far end of straight edge a surprisingly long way off center.

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