WHOOO ! Calling all Brits

How many of you are out there ,where are you ,and what do you do for work/fun. :)

ely, cambs

was up at ashover, derbs the weekend before last. i do TBEC's, eastern centre and cotswold enduros as well as a little MX at chatteris and green laning occasionally.

on a husey now though so i guess that counts me out if you're having a WR party :)


Proud owner of a WR since august last year.Living in Switzerland near Geneva. Riding my WR, my Cannondale, skiing and keeping my kids amused (oh yeah the wife too), keeps me out of most trouble.

Working for Novartis keeping an eye on the competition.

Near warwick

work in the sport injuries industry

ride with cotswold enduro club and anyone else who will have me at short notice

oh and i used to work for novartis too

oh and i ride a yz400 with big tank, big flywheel and big exhaust

Yorkshire, I'm a Contracts Manager for a specialized display company, I ride mostly green lane with the occasional MX track for Fun?!?! :)

Yate nr Bristol


AMCA motor-x

some greenlaneing

and looking foward to Farliegh Castle twinshock motor-x at the end of june ! :)

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