any 06 or 07 leftover YZ450F's in california?

Does anyone know of any 06 or 07 leftover YZ450F's in california? If you do can you post the price and where its at. I can buy a 08 for $6300, but I'm hoping I can buy a 06 or 07 for alittle more than 5 grand.

check best prices I know of.

About 2 months ago, I paid 6, out the door for a yellow 06 450. Central Coast Yamaha in Santa Maria, that's about $5300 plus fees. They have one or two more, and I think 06 and 07 WR's.

I paid $4699 for a blue '06 yz450, 2 months ago in WI, thats out the door no tax, no set up, no fees, I think I could have gotten it cheaper, but it was the last one by the time I decided. Mike

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