2004 Yz450f

My friend just got one and I was wondering if there was anything to know about this year specifically. I told him it would be in his best interest to get a 2006+, but he found this one that was owned by a professional mechanic and it was only $3200 and in good condition.

What is there to know about this bike?

Well, to start with, he paid a little too much for it. He could actually have had an '06 for that kind of money.

Regardless, here's the story in summary:

Extremely reliable

Very good rear suspension, the forks are OK with a little work, depending on what you do with the bike.

Stable in the rough stuff, but feels top heavy and reluctant to turn (lean it over farther than normal. Wants to stand up in turns. Raise the fork tubes 5-6 mm in the clamps, it helps this.

Engine is low on rotating mass and has a very abrupt power delivery in the low mid range, a lot like an old '60-70's muscle car. Adding flywheel weight helps tame this without detracting from the performance (in fact, it enhances it)

It's a dry sump oil system:


Use good oil, and keep the filters clean. The '04 may have been the best of the steel YZ450's.

Cool. Ill have to tell him that. Its going to be really hard for him to ride. He is only 130lbs, but he insisted he needed a 450 instead of just getting a new piston for his '05 CRF250.

As gray said, power is very abrupt, even with my 210# butt. This is especially true when you jet it properly and fix the bog issue. Not a good bike for a 130# rider IMO. The 250F would be much easier to ride.

Yeah, hes out of his mind. Were going riding tomorrow, and we'll see how it goes.

3200? man i have an pretty nice 03 there is no way i could get that money 4 it!anyway grayracer said it pretty much,i would love to upgrade to newer bike,but mine just runs so damn good still.only problem i had with mine was a few countershaft seals i do run a o ring chain it may have something to do with it

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