530 EXC Owners

I'm ready to get me a new 530 and was wanting to know if you are happy with your bike and would you buy another. I went to KTMtalk.com and used there get a quote and received some great prices but bike are located out of state. I'm would like to buy local in case i have problems it will be easier to return it to original shop. I can save a couple thousand dollars buying out of state, would you consider buying a bike out of state? Has anyone done this yet?

Thanks Marty

Idont see the problem with buying interstate. Your bike will still have the factory warranty so any dealer should be more than happy to service you.

I have a 530 and I am complety happy with it, no oil issues, noise issues etc that others have had on the early build models.

Do a search on derestricting the bike, plenty of posts on here and KTM Talk about this.

Enjoy the bike.

I just got back from a 50 mile all trails ride and I just love this bike. I could not be much happier, I would by another. Picked it up last Friday and have 120 miles of hard dirt riding on her and 0 problems so far and I dont foresee any. Get the Jd jet kit and deristrict her, you will be happy. I cant belive this dirt bike is street legal...

As far as the out of state thing:

Im in Cal also, and just did the exact same thing you are doing. I got great quotes from ktmtalks service. And I was ready to commit to a shop in AZ, as no one in so cal would give me a quote even close to the out of state ones. Best I could get a cal dealer to give me OTD was $9100. The price from AZ once I got it here and tax paid and registered was $8200. So after explaining all this to my local dealer, telling them I am buying one this weekend and would rather give you the business, he caved and gave it to me for $8400 with a JD kit OTD, registered taxes paid. This from the same shop that said they couldent do better then $9100..

Times are lean for the dealers right now and they wont pass up a for sure sale if they know that you have found a dealer that will beat them. Go talk to the shop you like thats local and explain what you have learned from your research and they should make it happen, if not just go to another dealer or get it out of state. But they will cave.

A bike is like a car you can take it to any ktm dealer durring the warrenty period. As far as I understand it a ktm must be delivered by the dealer in person, there has been a lawsuit about shipping crated bikes without going through the pdi "pre delivery inspection". ktm has come down on dealers for doing that and not honering warenty, if not pdi'ed by the dealer, and not delivered in person. Im sure there are loopholes but be aware of this situation if you do buy out of state. This is why the AZ dealer was the only out of state option for me. They would have meet me half way.

Good luck you will love the bike, and you can get a great price here in Ca if you just work at it.

TroutFisher, Will there be additional costs to regester an out of state bike rather than a California bike? I thought the OTD price included everything taxes an regestration ect. Are you located in Northern Califirnia or Southern California?

In in Southern Cal.

The prices you are getting from out of state dealers do not include sales tax or Cal registration. You will pay the sales tax / "use tax" when you register it at the dmv. So be sure to calculate those figures into your decision. But there should be no additional taxes versus if you bought here. The otd price from a local dealer does include those fees. My price of 8400 OTD was 7600 for the bike pre taxes / reg....So about 800+/- for tax and reg.

heres a link to the dmv calculator:


The out of state dealers are not required to charge sales tax or reg so thats why they can say OTD. The law says something like taxes paid in the state of vehicle use..

Thank you, You've been very helpfull

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