Who rides street bikes?

My WR400 is street leagal as is my R6 . I started riding on the street when all my friends sold their dirtbikes :D:) then i discovered trackdays in 92 and started roadracing :D.(till i ran out of money!:D :D)) this year I bought a TTR-125L and a YZ125 and spent all year in the dirt :D :D

Click here [image]http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/3aa9d840/bc/new.jpg?bcURnA.A3VtJegGe[/image]

Claped out 94 Suzuki Katana 600 rat bike. Bought 1 year old for $600 in a box with a salvaged title. $1400 latter and its on the road. It aint much to look at but it runs good and goes straight.

I really like the looks of people when I explain how the 6" dia dent in the gas tank right between your legs got there

:D :D :)

I got my YZ400 street legal this year and never even bothered to get the Katana on the road.

:D:) '85 Yamaha Virago Gold Edition 1000cc :D :D

Wife has 2 Harleys :D

I agree with your take on getting 2 bikes for the price of a Harley. I've already got the dirt part handled (WR), so why not pick up a jap cruiser for 5-6K and have plenty left for something to satisfy the 'go fast' itch (Ducati 900 series).

My house has a carport instead of a garage, so I guess I'll have to move my couches around to fit all three bikes inside at night. :)

I have a 2001 r1, that needs more miles on it, but the rainy season has arrived. Time to ride the other blue bikes, 426, and 250f.

I've got a thing for two-stroke street bikes that goes back to my hooligan high-school days aboard RD&RZ350's and my fondly remembered RZ500. I've got an '86 Honda NS400R now for when I need a taste of by-gone two-stroke street magic, and a Sportster just for whenever. I've had so many bikes over the years, that I've decided it doesn't really matter what or where you ride, as long as it's got two wheels, an engine, and you're havin' fun. :)

Peace Eh - P.Z.

God...what's with you all only talking about 50 or 60 miles on a sportbike before you have to bail??? :D We do alot of all day rides (200+ miles) and most of us are over 30 (me 36) and all ride hard core sportbikes. My RC51 has a brick for a seat but with full leathers and bicycle shorts I have no problem burning through 2 to 3 tanks per ride. Once you get used to the riding position the miles just blow by.

I've even done a few 400+ mile days on the rack.....but I love it and would never give it up for a couch...cough...cough...I mean cruiser. :)


200-400 miles on a sport bike? That's awesome. A

friend of mine said he'd let me borrow his Ninja 900

for a couple days to see what I thought (Top speed 175).

I think I'll take him up on it, and make a decision

from there (but won't go quite that fast).

Busa baby! Fast and comfortable. Don't let the big bike fool ya, it can still get it up! 931151-tonybusa.jpg

Hey your not one of those guys on that video "wheelie boys" are you??

01 Honda CBR929RR Erion Racing Edition.......fair weather rider only but at 37 years old I'll still do 300-400 mile days on it. Day in the dirt hurts more than on the street IMO?

I ride a ZX7R every chance I get. I love the handling of the bike. My neck used to hurt after a long ride until I bought a more aerodynamic helmet. Some of my past street bikes have been a '99 Superglide Sport, a '95 1200 Sportster, an '89 KLR 650, an '84 GPZ750 Turbo. Harleys are more comfortable but have to be seriously modified to fast, if that's your thing.

2001 Ducati Monster S4 with Two Brothers racing pipes, open air filter and PowerCommander chip. I'm going to dyno it this winter, but with my mods I should be getting 108 to 112 HP with the PowerCommander.

Matter of fact, I rode to work today and I'm still smiling!



Crazycooter! :) You got it right, The worlds fastest production bike for 10.5k , very comfy for long rides ,and will last forever! Bigger bore bikes (suzuki) last forever. My 84 GS1150ES went over 100k before it got retired in an accident! My katana1100 is still running strong after115k miles. The busa would be my next choice ,when my bike dies :D

Actually I have owned more street bikes than dirt. I sold my 98 VFR a while back and have regreted it since. Currently looking.

No, I just like to play somtimes. A few minutes after this picture was taken, Three bikes incuding five of my friends went down. Four went to the hospital. Injuries ranging from a broken back to minor scratches. Ride safe! Can't have fun if you can't ride anymore! We were just hotdogn' it for a while and it caught up.

Ever since I got my DRZ I spend less time on my 929. When I do get back on, I realize how damn fun it is. 200-300 miles is fine-more than that requires special measures (you need to work up to it) and certainly not for several days in a row. Padded bicycle shorts help a lot and is a trick I carried over to dirt riding. I agree with the guy that said dirt riding hurts a lot more!

I currently ride/own a 02' Liquid Silver Yamaha YZF-R1. I also ride/own a 02' Yamaha WR 462-F. Below is a list of bikes I used to own:


80' Honda 100

82' YZ 125

82' HONDA XR 250-R

84' KTM 250



89' GSXR 1100

90' KX 125


91' ZX7-RR

91' ZX-6

91' CBR 600 F2

92' GSXR 750

92' CBR 600 F2

92' CBR 600 F2

93' CBR 600 F2

93' ZX7-R

93' ZX7




95' ZX6-R

95' ZX9-R

96' YZF 600 (WIFE'S BIKE)

96' GSXR 750

96' ZX7-R

96' KX 250

97' ZX6-R RED


97' ZX7-R

97' ZX9-R

98' CBR 600 F3

98' YZF R-1

98' ZX6-R

00' ZX6-R

00' ZX7-R

00' ZX9-R

00' KX 100 (WIFE'S BIKE)

01' YZF-R6

02' WR 426-F

02' TTR-125-L (WIFE'S BIKE)

02' YZF-R1

That's All Folks......................db

P.S. I used to race a BLATA POCKET BIKE TOO 12.5 BHP

I used to ride a 94 Honda Magna with 28,000 miles and never a problem. The Magna is a 750cc V-4. Great bike that fits almost every niche. Although there are better bikes in each category, the Magna performs admirably in all of them. I almost got a Valkyrie instead of my WR but decided that the roads are to crazy around here and the WR has way more adrenaline per mile anyway.

>>I used to ride a 94 Honda Magna with 28,000 miles and never a problem. The Magna is a 750cc V-4. Great bike that fits almost every niche.<<

Well the magna was nice but the V64/45 Saber was a much better all around bike.


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