What Cleaning Products, Lubricants and Oils etc Do You Use

:thumbsup: my products i use

cleaning products:

muc-off cleaner

muc-off degreaser

lubricants and oils:

muc-off chain lube

Motul Foam Air Filter Treatment


any others:..................

I use simple turpentine for cleaning the oily stuff then soap and water to remove it.

Motor - Motul 300V

Filter - Silkolene

Chain Lube - Motul Offroad

motor - castrol power racing

cleaning - motul

air filter and air filter cleaning - ipone

chain lube - any oil for manual transmission auto's

Oil - Amsoil Full Synthetic

Coolant - Maxima Coolanol

Filter Oil - Twin Air Liquid Power

Fork Oil - Amsoil Shock Therapy

Chain Lube - Maxima Chain Wax

Cleaners - Citrol, Simple Green, Good Ol' S&W


motor: repsol semi-synthetic 10-40

air filter: belray

fork oil: belray

chain lube: torco

cleaning: soap and water, then plexus on the plastics

Oil - Amsoil Full Synthetic

Air Filter - Ready Filters

Chain Lube - WD 40 (don't laugh, three + years on the '05 original chain and sprockets and I race sometimes twice a month plus trail ride)

Bike Cleaner - Oil Eater Cleaner and Degreaser, detail with Turtle Wax's protectant

Oil - Yamalube

Air Filter - Bel Ray

Chain Lube - Honda

Cleaner - Simple Green & Car Wash soap and water

Cleaner: Daki all over

air filtrer: no toil

engine oil: Motul 5100

chain lube: haven't found a satisfying product yet... always afraid to damage the orings

levers, pegs, shifter, kick starter, rear brake pedal: WD-40 to wash and then ium based white grease

cleaner: simple green max or purple power citrus cleaner.

air filter: pj1 foam filter treatment

engine oil: castrol

chain lube: bel ray super clean.

cleaner: simple green

air filter: uni-filter

oil filter: hiflofiltro

oil: amsoil full syn 20-50

chain lube: bel-ray clear (havent really found one I like yet)

can i use K&N oil on my foam air filter after cleaning it???

motor- Mobil 1 15w-50

chain- WD-40 (just replaced my stock chain at 3,500 miles)

air filter- No Toil

I use Zep on my cables.

Castrol GTX, Bel-Ray filter oil.

i use bel ray super clean chain lube. i tried amsoil heavy duty metal protector and it worked alright as well, but im finding that bel ray stays on longer and it dries thicker. i used to just use tranny oil or stuff like that, but i'd have to oil it all the time and it slings off. if you spray the bel ray and amsoil stuff on a table top and touch it, it's real thin. then wait 15 minutes and its hard and waxy. it's like the stuff that comes on a renthal chain when you buy it and it stays on forever.

i also use bel ray filter oil and i'm happy with it, but i've never tried anything else.

Bike Cleaner: X-Tream Clean MX / ATV Wash Also does a great job of cleaning the chain and usually finish it off with X-Tream Clean Quick Hit Detail Spray.

Filter Oil: PJ1

Filter Cleaner: X-Tream Clean Filter Cleaner

Oil: Motorex

Chain Lube: WD-40

holt chain lube

castrol offroad 10w 40w oil

wd40 / white grease spray

zymol automotive cleaning soap

zymol carnuba wax

autosol metal polish

swarfaga gloss trim pray for plastics/tyres aka 'back to black'

To clean the engine- engine brite engine degreaser

Air filter- PJ1 spray with a uni filter

Plastics- Purple power (amazing stuff, just don't leave it on your alluminum to long :-)

Chain WD-40 to clean, Ams oil metal protector to lube (stays on forever and doesn't fly off)

Oil- Valvoline 10w-40

Oil filter- Hiflo filttro


Motul 300v

Chain Wax

Uni spray filter cleaner

Uni Filter oil

Simple Green

car wash soap


Nearly everything i use is now putoline oils, apart from no toil for the air filters because thats one job i hate.

All Spectro products.

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