Valve clearance

I have a 04 YZ450F, and have only adjusted valves once...2.5 years ago. I checked them again this morning. The middle intake valve is .152, maybe .153. Should I adjust this valve or just keep riding and check again after more riding...or until I break something else that causes me to tear the bike down. I was wondering if tighter side of specs is better than high side since if I re-shim my new setting will be .102 or so.

If you guys think I should adjust, are there any special tools required? It seems like I had to modify a tool to be used on the tensioner but cant remember.

.002mm is .000078". You may think you can measure in increments that small with a feeler gauge, but you can't. Since you are using English gauges, and the .006" fits, is the .007 tight? If so, leave it alone.

Technically, the tight side of the spec is preferable, but the total range of the tolerance is only .002" anyway. Don't worry about it.

Tools needed are feeler gauges and a good inch/pound 1/4" torque wrench.

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