My rash...

I went down on a gravel road at about 50km/h, and messed up my swing arm real bad.


How can I lessen the appearance of this unsightly mess? I'd like to try some different things before dropping the cash on a used swing arm.

Try something like this:


I have had this same issue in the past. I have always wanted to try a belt sander but, it was always just easier to use a sticker. I also have heard of a graining tool that, I think, would have the same effect as a belt sander.

i am a metal polisher. the easiest way is a dremil with a small 120 grit mop but another way is run a 60 grit sand paper then a 120 and so on, the only thing u will have is that the area u sort will be shiny than everywhere else lol, when u go up to the more fine sand paper make sure u wet it the more smoother sand paper it is other wise you will see lines in the metal. :thumbsup:

:ride: don't just stick the swing arm on a belt it will unshape it in places,

and with it being alloy it will be easy to do!

I was thinking of progressively sanding that area down until it looks sort of even. Then anodizing the whole swing arm. Normally when you anodize the whole swing arm, the color will take to the different sections differently. Hopefully this will further lessen the appearance. Does this sound like a good plan? This winter I plan to tear the whole bike down and powder coat the frame anyways.

:thumbsup: I was expecting to see a gnarly, really messed up swingarm, but that's just a few scratches!

Mine looks the same from a few hillclimb get offs..but the appearance doesn't bother me.

I really hope YOUR road rash was less than your bike.....but somehow I doubt that..............I have been down on gravel..and it hurts........:thumbsup:

keep in mind if you anadise alloy it needs to be a mirror finish all over other wise it will look like a bodge job

War wounds are cool looking.

It'll remind you in the future to mind your gravel riding.:eek:

Then anodizing the whole swing arm..

just a word to the wize. don't ano a part that has any steel on it. the ano process will eat any helicoils or inserts.

It's actually a street supermoto now. Everything else on the bike is pretty clean, so this stands out a lot in person. I won't touch it right now anyways. One set of axle sliders coming right up.


just a word to the wize. don't ano a part that has any steel on it. the ano process will eat any helicoils or inserts.

when it comes to chrome and anodising you should always put a bolt in the threads and in specific dimensional holes put a spacer in or something and that will stop the problems, (anodizing don't eat away at any metal or inserts it puts a layer of anodizing on just the same with chrome)

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