Where to ride south west,, BC

Hey all...I am traveling from Washington state and heading to Fairmont Hot SPrings, BC (South West Corner of BC) in two weeks and would like to find out about some riding areas

near Cranbrook, Banff, or Calgary BC etc.



I live in the kelowna-westbank area of BC and we have some great riding around here. Bear creak if you've heard of it must have over 200km of trails.

I'll second that kamloops is great too.

I would ride Lake Kocanusa, great riding, it might be getting dusty there right now. There is really nice camping along the lake(take the Dorr rd). The lake is down right now, they start filling it soon. The closest town is Grasmere. There is no riding in Calgary/Banff right now. We just had 40cm's of snow. Stay in BC for the riding. Kamloops Rocks. If you go there check out the Harley Dealer owned by Al Peret, he knows all the riding. His son is Guy Peret in the Terra Firma Videos. He's a great guy really friendly

Ya there is some killer riding around Kamloops! Another 2 or 3 months and we can get out riding again!

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