Parts fitment for 2001 WR 426

I'm lookin' to get some parts for my '01 WR 426.

Will front forks from a 2004 YZ 450 fit in the 2001 WR triple clamps?

How about the front caliper from the '04 YZ 450 on the 2001 forks.

I was checking out the part numbers on the Thumper OEM listings. The parts appear the same but have diff part numbers. I would think that some parts interchange.

Is there a difference between the YZ and WR in the same years other than lights and flywheel, gearing and ignition timing?

Is there a website with the crossover fitments?




Obviously if I use 2004 YZ 450 forks everything else will fit up.

I just need to know if the 2004 forks will fit into the 2001 Triple clamps.



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