Rebuilding Forks

My right fork is leaking a little bit. Does this mean the entire fork needs rebuilt. If so, what brand is the best to buy for a complete fork rebuild kit for an 06 yz450 if that is necessary?

just replace the seal. Pretty easy to do yourself. I just did mine about a month ago.

have you just tried cleaning it yet? mine has leaked a couple of times and I just clean it and it is fine... there are numerous threads about cleaning the fork seal and dust cover... do a search...

Just replacing the seal is not enough. The bushing when worn will cause your seals to leak. If you want a complete rebuild, I have use pro action twice with lots of success.

Worn bushings in an '06 are fairly unlikely, for one, and are easily replaced in the course of a seal replacement. They're cheap and you have to remove them to do the seals, anyway. The '06 seals are a low drag type, and leak easily if dirt gets in them, or the tubes get scratched. Try cleaning by pulling down the wipers and running a piece of film or a business card around between the seal and the tube. If that fails, replace the seals. A full rebuild is almost certainly not necessary.

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