Best 05 Wr450 Exhaust

I have a 05 wr450 with all the free mods. What pipe seems to make to best power? Thanks

Those of us with "older" WR's are limited on pipes available. Everyone is focusing on pipes for the aluminum frame bikes. I happened to find a new discontinued DMC Afterburner slip on, that after finally getting the right mid pipe, I love it but its a little loud. I was very happy with the stock exhaust with the Pro Moto Billet insert, but I couldn't turn down the price of the DMC. Good Luck.

Love the GYT-R muffler and header. Mine rips!!

I have a Dr D silencer with stock head pipe.Its quieter than the YZ pipe I had on there and has a nice deep sound.Runs like a bear too

Love the GYT-R muffler and header. Mine rips!!

+1 for the GYTR

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