Rear Lience Plates

Does anybody know where I can get a rear number plate made from aluminium in the Uk. With all these new laws about the sizes of letters & plates etc I can't find anybody who will make a small aluminium one. If I put a standard perspex one on it wouldn't last 2 minutes & would look like a bill board on the back !!

I've been told that the laws on producing plates are going to be even tighter in the new year, so if you are going to be needing a replacement, nows the time.



Go to MAL Numberplates. Can't remember the number, but they are in Wellingborough so you should be able to go through the operator. They do flexible plastic 7"x5" plates that should survive OK.

You blokes "make" your own motorcycle licence plates on that side of the pond!? I wasn't aware of that. Kind of like snowmobiles and boats over here I suppose. Does it apply to both street and dirt? Just wondering.

Peace Eh - P.Z.


Standard licence plates over here for cars and bikes are made from plastic (acrylic) so they can easily crack/smash if you try and use them on an off road bike. Also standard sized bike plates are o.k. for big street bikes but a bit too big for an off road bike, so I have had to get a the metal plate and stick-on numbers/letters from the one place I found them.

Cheers Lads,

I've ordered a 'Bendy Plate' from MAL Number plates, so I'll see how this survives !!



Thanks - I guess you really do learn something new every day after all! Can I go home now? :)

Peace Eh - P.Z.

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