New albino pony in the stable!!!

I just wanted to show off my new (to me) 2007 YZ450f. This is my newest trail bike and I love it. Most of my riding buddies tried to tell me not to get it for the tight trails that we ride. But I have to say that is easier to ride than I thought it would be. There is no substitute for horsepower.

I have added the PMB kickstand, ASV levers, and Moose handguards. I think that I am going to get a MMS lowering link, it is taller than my 06 YZ250f and I am vertically challenged at 5-6. I thought that they were the same frame but I guess not. Also need to get a skid plate and maybe a heavier flywheel.



You'll love it in the woods. I love how all the WR/CRF-X etc. guys always boob about those of us who ride an MX bike in the woods- I figure why deal with all the extra weight just to have a headlight? Plus those bikes usually come corked up. Have fun with the new scoot!

i agree. im mostly a track guy, and ive went on some pretty hard trail rides on my 06' and it does wonderful! dont let them CRF/X tell you different.

I just put a 52 renthal alloy on the rear along with an new O ring chain,much better on tight trails and hills.

Thats a nice looking pony

sure is purrty. Makes me wanna go stare at mine in the garage. Those stock graphics are sweet.

how do you like the kickstand? Where did you get it? Can I have it?

The kickstand is from PMB and I love it. I had it on my 06 yz250f but I took it off when I sold it. It is pure gold on the trail.

Man I think the white YZ's are the slickest bike around...definetly a sweet looking ride you got there!:eek:

Very pretty bike..:eek:

clean bike... now go get it dirty!!!

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