Unidentified white wire

Guys, I'm sorry in advance but this is probably going to be a dumb question...

I own a 01 426 canadian model

I stripped out my baja design dual sport kit tonight. When I was done reconnecting everything, I realized that there was a white wire coming out from the CDI magneto snake that was connected to nothing. What is strange and not that strange at the same time is that I can't identify this wire from the diagram on page 6-1 of my manual and I have nothing left to plug it in...

So here we go in more details: I have 6 wires coming out the CDI magneto snake that are installed in a connector that goes to the CDI unit. Everything looks fine there (colours match and everything is plugged). I also have a yellow wire coming out that snake that I plan to connect to the other "loner" yellow wire that comes out the snake that is over the carb on the left side of the bike (light switch).... and I have this white wire that comes out the snake that does not appear on the diagram and that I don't know what to do with..:eek:

Is it also part of the baja design kit? (I bought the bike many years ago and I never had the manual to install the baja kit)

Please help me if you can.:p

Just a wild guess, but I'd say it is probably the ground float wire which is needed on Baja Designs kits. Without it the lights won't work. If your bike is a WR and you have all of the stock lighting, I think that you will need to ground this wire to make the factory stuff work.:eek:


My bike can't be platted to go street anymore so I decided I would remove the kit and ended up with this wire going nowhere...

So that would be something that's been added when the bd lightning kit was installed? Can I remove it? I can't find this part in the instructions from Baja Design.


Like I said I think that you need to ground this wire to make the stock lights work, but if you don't have the stock lights I would just tape it off and forget about it. It could be a selling point later on down the line.


So Jim, I'm not the best mechanic... how do you ground that wire. Is it ok if I just put the end in contact with the frame and tape it there?

My neighboor is a good motorcycle mechanic... I'll ask him to look at that anyway.

Thanks a lot.

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