silincer repacking

I have never repacked a four stroke silincer do you do it just like 2 stroke and do you use same packing? thanks for you help.

Pretty easly. Yes, you do it like a 2 stroke, only there's more packing. Try Silent Sport packing...easy to use, and makes a difference in sound levels.

Be sure to use packing labeled for ue in four-stroke engines. Common two-stroke packing often isn't up to handling the high temps of a four-stroke exhaust, and some of it will melt into a solid mass.

Whats a good option for silencer packing on a 2006 yz450f? Are the rivets easy to drill out or are they steel?

Steel ,but still easy use a new or sharp bit,as far as amount of material I cram as much in as it will take.

anybody know the rivet size

I used 5mm short alum rivets. I would use alum rivets. Unless your exhaust is made from stainless, then use stainless. Everything else you should be good with alum.

Rivets are 3/16 size.

Buy a DRD pipe and the packing is all ready in a sheath all you do is take the end cap off slide in the new packing and put the cap back on. I do mine whenever it starts to get loud and only takes me about 15 minutes.

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