Triple Clamps

I am thinking of getting a GPR stabilizer kit with the DH1 triple clamp. This may seem like a dumb question, but if I get the top clamp, do I need to get the bottom clamp too or can I keep the stock bottom clamp? I was wondering because of different offsets that some triple clamps might have. Do any of you have the same setup?

I believe you can use the stock bottom clamp. the offset is only for the bar mount. I have the stock bottom clamp and the Scotts top clamp and damper.

Works fine.

i installed a BRP top clamp and a GPR on my 01426. it works great. you can use the bottom clamp. i got the whole set up for $550 US. that includes bars and top clamp and GPR. bolted all right on and fit perfectely. you can contact them at

The website for BRP doesn't load correctly. The photos don't load, the links don't work..


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