Set up help with Sprokets

I have been racing Desert for the last few months. Just wanted to know what number of teeth I should have on my sprocets. What would be a better set up. If I place well in the next race like I have been doing I will move up in Class and will need all the help I can get.:eek:

you should have all of them. that way the chain doesn't slip

just kidding. there are a bunch of gearing questions i have seen on here. most indicate like a 15/50 (up one in the front) or maybe a 48 in the back. you did not indicate what you are currently using or what year your bike is for all of these nice people here to help better. Happy Monday!

I have a 2000 wr 400 curently I am running a 15/52 sorry about not giving that much info. Just getting used to this whole looking for help on the internet.

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