2001 WR 426F for sale!! $4200 OBO

MUST SELL!Bike is in perfect shape. it has a total of 2 hours time, which was breaking it in. tires still have the rubber twigs on them. Bike is totally stock and not a scratch on it. If your looking for a new bike without the new price, this is it! Bike is located in New Braunfels, TX

Email at Starsfan24@msn.com

Thanks for looking!

Why in the world would you sell a bike after just getting it? Are you sca scaaaa scared?

military, and i go where they tell me too....


Call me at 281-639-7640 anytime Friday or this weekend.


Really trying to sell!!


Call me on my cell phone 281-639-7640.

I've usually got it on from 7:30a to 7:30p.

My name is Kelly.

Which way are you headed? East or West?


I tried calling the number you left but it will not go through, if you can email me at starsfan24@msn.com i will give you my home phone so we can make contact. I will continue to try and reach you through the number you left until then though. Thanks

once again......



Thank you for the cleanest used dirt bike I've ever purchased.

This bike showed 18 miles on odo. The knobs, even the centers,still had the hairs on them. Not a single scratch on the bike or even a scuff mark on the frame by the pegs. Its so new that the pipe hadn't even turned blue.

After one of the best fathers day weekends in my life, my 19yr old son and I remedied that situation.

We're now showing over 120 miles, hairs on a few of the outer knobs, shiny frame metal by the pegs, and a great blue color on the head pipe.

Michael, my son, said that this bike beats the shpit out of any 25yr old Husky he ever rode.

Just goes to show, what do young people know. I should direct him to the Remember When post going around. Loud Husky's, long hair, and halter tops is what sticks with me.

I just hope and pray that 25 years from now he'll look back and remember these good ol days.

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