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TRADE? Bowflex Power Pro for used mini?

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Was wondering if anyone in THUMP land would be interested in trading a used mini (TTR-90, KLX-110, XR-70R, etc.) for a BOWFLEX Power Pro with all the extras ($1700 plus)/(Lat pulldown assembly, Squat assembly, Bench bar assembly, Leg Assembly, extra Power rods, etc.)?

I live outside of St. Louis, Missouri and I am interested in starting my son out on a bike. He is only 10 years old but large for his age, he has never ridden and I was looking for something in the automatics for his first year out.

Feel free to email me at scheitlinmark@yahoo.com if you are interested. The BOWFLEX is in perfect condition and still have the boxes it was shipped in.

Happy trails!


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