bike wont turn over

just changed the oil on my 426. Rode it for about a mile, it stalled and now wont start. If i put too much oil in will it cause it to not start. My dip stick is very hard to read so i may have added too much or too little. Also i took out my air filter and sprayed it with air filter oil on the outside and the inside so it might of got in the engine could that be the cause? any info would be welcome:cry:

Too much oil is better than too little. The easiest thing is just drain it and pour in the correct ammount, you don't even need the dipstick that way.

When you say it stalled; were you cruising down the road and it just quit, or did you stall it accidentally as in not enough throttle while taking off, etc..?

accidentally lol im not new to bikes just this one...and i put 1.7 in just like it said

Too much oil shouldn't make it not want to start. I know I over filled my RMZ and when I started it, is just came out of the crankcase vent tube. I don't know if the YZF is the same as the RMZ, but too much oil shouldn't cause the no start issue.

well that is good to know but what else could it be the bike is solid have ran it once a week for 2 months now ????? did it just give up lol

Check the basics:

* Compression?

* Spark?

* Fuel?

If you've got all 3 of the above then it should fire. Without more info there's nothing more to suggest?

o ill check the plug and there is gas lol but how do i check the comp if i dont pull the decomp lever it wont budge is that the way to check if u got compression? thanks

So you could still kick the motor over, but it wouldn't start?

in the tittle you said it wont turn over is it locked up? or just wont start, if you just sprayed filter oil all over the inside and outside of the filter my money is on a fouled spark plug these bike hate any oil on them try a new plug bet it starts first kick.

To check the compression you would need a compression tester. Check the color of the plug and wether it is wet or not. Report back your findings.

to check compresion on a fourstroke you would be better off with doing a leakdown test, do a search on it youll find out how to do it, start with the easy stuff first dont over think this.

weather it looks wet or not just replace it these 426s have weak spark anyways.

You mentioned you "took out your air filter and sprayed it with air filter oil on the outside and the inside."

Did you work the filter oil into the foam with your hands and squeeze out the excess? If you don't get excess oil off of your filter, it can get sucked into your carb and clog it. Since these problems happened right after you oiled the filter, your carb may need to be cleaned.

Also when using the spray type air filter oil, you need to let the filter hang for at least 15 minutes or more for the solvent to completely evaporate. If you just sprayed the filter oil and put the air filter back on immediately, the oil can easily get sucked off the filter and into your carburetor.

+1 bassic

hey thanks guys on all the help i will see about the carb in the next couple days my bike was left in a friend of mines garage cuz i didn't feel like lifting the beast up in my truck after lugging it 2 miles up a creek bed and over hills(really lol) so i cant check on these things right this sec but thanks none the less i will get all of these things checked out and repost asap TYTY

ps yes dirtrider it will crank like it wants to start but just wont

it seems to have compression if you cant budge the kick starter without the decompression lever. spark plug first guess, dirty carb next

A freshly oiled filter needs to set up. This can take up to 1 hr and you need to work the oil into the filter not just spray it on. You probably just fouled a plug by not letting the oil set up correctly. If you change the plug and it still won't fire....clean the carb. If this still has no effect....ask yourself When was the last time the valves were checked...........:eek:

A freshly oiled filter needs to set up. This can take up to 1 hr ...
You'd be wise to give it at least 4 hours. Some liquid oils take much longer. Mine hang out for 24 hours before I install or bag them.

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