05 yz250f or 03 yz450f which is the better bike?

OK Im new to posting usually just search and read everyones great advice.I searched for this topic but found nothing. Im 34 215lbs 6'3. I mostly trail ride but where I ride(duramtown in georgia) there are some nice jumps on the trails and they have some mx tracks also that I would like to get into.my 01 wr250 had plenty of power but on the jumps it landed pretty hard and I hated the decomp. crap.I got a good offer ($2400)so let it go.now Im looking at 2 bikes that look to be about in equal condition(very good). the 03 yz450f looks almost new,bone stock,very fast.the 05 yz250f looks to be in good condition some after market parts nothing major I know of. $2500 which is the better bike.seems like the 05 would be more advanced but the 450 is a 450!!:eek:

fir your size and riding style i would go 450.

fir your size and riding style i would go 450.

I second this, I came off a crf 230f and was 6'3" and 240lbs and went to a YZ426. I would never settle for less now that I have it. You wont be disappointed with the 450.

being that ur that tall u would have a much smoother rider on a 450 and plus who says u have to use all the power u can limit it to what u wanna use and plus on a 450 the most u would probably have to do is add an aftermarket pipe

get the 450

Dont waste your time with that stupid 250F

Thanks for everyones input,I went and picked it up today.how sweet it is!!:eek: I would post a pic of it if I could figure out how.



Whoa! where was that thing hiding?

It looks like its been in a time capsule for 5 years! You got a great deal on that

I ruin my bikes in one ride

That bike looks like it was never ever ridden

If I knew that bike was out there, I would have told you to go buy the 250 and I would have went out and bought that bike

Good Luck

Those are 4 year old pictures, aren't they? :eek:

JK. :p Very nice.

thanks for your positive comments!

250f's are absolutely awesome bikes! Im 6'3 and my YZ250f burns up the trails and tight MX tracks. Also the occasional desert race! It's by far the most versatile bike around. Its definitely my favorite bike to jump as well due to its light weight!

Dont get me wrong 450's are sweet, but they just dont have that flick-ability. My 08 450 is usually collecting dust as it only comes out for the big hills at Glen Helen and Glamis these days.

Just my .02

hey man where at in georgia do u live? i live in aiken sc i love ridin durahmtown maybe we can get up and ride some time always lookin 4 ridin buddies!

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