du mb question about a 600R

I know I should be able to figure this out, but after spending about ten minutes and taking off both side panels off I can not figure out how to get the seat off the bike, I can see the clip on the tank, but no bolts or any release, I figure before I break it, I would ask..my battery will not hold a charge and I would like to check it for battery acid or just replace. I am not sure I even need a battery,, seems to run fine and start fine with it being dead,, is this normal..

Well, I'm a little confused. Not by your question, but by the extra information.

In order to remove the seat, you first need to undo the two bolts that hold it on. They can be found under the seat. I think they're 11mm, but don't quote me. These two bolts attach the seat to the subframe. Look under the seat above the rear tire.

About the battery: If it's acting dead, it's because stock XR600Rs don't have them. Why do you think there is one? There is no ignition switch on a 600R. You simply kick it and go. If you have an ignition switch, you either have an XR-L or have a dual sport kit added to your XR-R.

Let us know how it goes. And what bike you have.

the bike is a XR600R.. I just assumed it had a bad battery because I can turn on my light when I first start it and it goes on, after a few seconds it goes out, so I just figured it had a battery.. it has a dual sport kit, Thanks for the advice on were to look for the bolts for the seat, I looked and did not see but will head out to the shop and look again.. thanks for taking the time to aswer my question ..Bob

The bolts are 12 mm and are located underneath the rear fender as mentioned. The direction of the screws is outwards so the heads face in. Take both of these out then pull up and back on the seat. You probably have a bare wire that has been partially rubbed through, or a loose connection causing the light to flicker.


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