Vortip exhaust tip

Anyone have a picture of one of these? How close is it performance-wise to having the tip out completely?


JD, I've been runing a vortip for about a year and like it (01 426). Its just about as quiet as a stock baffle at and just above idle then it progressivly gets louder. It makes the throttle very predictable at the low end. At the top, I was drag racing a CR500 at a dry lake bed and we were pretty even until I slowly pulled away from him at 5th gear WOT. It's a great option for the price and until your sure about which high priced exhaust you want.

Has anyone had the Vortip tested for dB?

Yes I did but on a 01wr250F. I reported the results on the 250 forum.

Basically last weekend I was tested by the Rangers at Soneyford CA.

Baffle out at 4250RPM 102.5db

Vortip in at 4250RPM 89db

You can get most of the power back if you jet properly. At least that was my experience.

Man, the vortex tip is ugly. IMHO. Has anybody tried to modify the stock baffle?

Ok so if you throw the vortip on, what jetting will give back what you have lost? Of course compared to no baffle.

It isn't as ugly as you think. On my WR250F, if I run either baffle (stock or Vortip), I have a bog. Getting rid of that bog has turned into a quest for me. I've gone rich and lean on the pilot, needle, and main jet. I've gone through PAJ jet settings (I have a PAS from Sudco). I've tried a 125, 105, 80, 60, and 40 leak jet. I've tried lean pilots with rich fuel screws and vice versa. I'm about ready to give up.

But its quiet, it doesn't kill performance like the stock baffle, and it isn't too bad looking.



Have you checked your accel pump squirt? I've never had the bog, and when I checked my accel pump the duration was about a little less than 1 second. So I chose not the perform the BK mod. The majority of people here seems to go 0.3 seconds. Just a thought.

Remember I ride a WR250F.

With the Vortip, I use the stock needle, my last jetting change was in January riding at 4000ft and 20 degrees F. Jetting was spot on (for my taste) with 42 pilot, 170main and stock needle clip at #5.

For wharm weather I go down to 38 pilot, 165 main and stock needle between #2 and #5, varies depending on where I ride.

I wanted to get FHN-FHP needles but just didn't get around to it. Then crashed that ride and shattered the right wrist. So my winter jetiing and riding experiments will have to wait until next year :)

Thanks to all for the info!

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