Dr. D durablilty?

Hey guys,

I know a lot of you have had great success on the newer YZ's with a Dr. D exhaust system, i just have a few basic questions about them. I really like the idea of the TI system since I hear carbon doesnt make sense for a recreational rider (re packing much more often, and they dont hold up). How about the TI system??? Are they as reliable as the amuminum system is? I thought i read somewhere that they are liable to crack sometimes. Will the TI system hold up to crashes as well as the aluminum/stainless kit will? I also read about some fitment issues on this site. Has anyone had any issues with the pipe fitting crooked?

thanks for all the help!


Great pipe! I prefer stainless just because it is less likely to get dinged up than Ti.

The titanium pipe will not hold up to rock dents and crashes anywhere near as well as the stainless pipe will.

Will the Ti system hold up well enough for me to consider it as a recreational rider? How does it compare to the durability of the stock unit? Is it the can i have to worry about or the header pipe? I would hate to get in a crash and have my new exhaust crumble like a piece of tin foil.

thanks for the info guys, keep it coming!


Dude, i race and have fallen many times with the stainless steel pipe... I dont know about the TI pipe, but i can tell you with the stainless i have yet to get a scratch. And the head pipe is strong as hell too, i really dont think any pipe will have such crappy results from a fall.

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