Good 12 volt source?

I run a wide band o2 sensor on a lot of my different quads etc... I was thinking i would throw it on my 06 yz450f after i get the engine back together, so i can tune it in much quicker. The problem is there is no battery to hook it to. Is there a place i can tap into that will supply a constant 12 volts to power this unit?

I know on our banshee's that don't have batteries they do not supply much juice at an idle. I was wondering if i would have the same problem on the yz.

You need to use a 12v battery aside from the system as a source for this project. There is no way to get that kind of additional current/voltage from the YZ electrical system.

Something like a drill or laptop battery should work.

You get get a little 12 volt battery from a hobby shop and strap it down for your testing.

I probably will end up getting a battery, but i figured there was at least a 12 volts constantly going to the cdi or something to run it. even at an idle. This thing doesn't take much juice.

thanks for the help!

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