Tell me about the 2004 yzf 450

Hey guys, Im in the market for a new bike for the trails and came across a 04 450 local. Seller says its been rode very little and looks like brand new. Im probably going to go look at it, what should I look out for? Any problems with the 04 models? Btw, this may be my first Yamaha in 21 years, talk me into it! Thanks a lot.

great bike, pretty much bulletproof. I would find out when the last time the valves were adjusted. Depending on how many hours are on the bike, this would be the only real thing to be concerned with. You may also want to check the welds that hold the footpeg tabs to the frame. I have seen a few of those crack and break off.

Be aware that the '03-'05 YZ450 was a 4 speed MX bike, and has a high low gear, and a close ratio trans. This is only a little more limiting than a 5 speed, but if you ride really tight, low speed trails, you will find that low gear is a bit tall, and if you gear down, you give up top speed.

You'll also find that the '03-'04 were a, um, "lively" engine, to be polite, and that they re much improved for trail and recreational riding through the addition of a heavier flywheel.

Thanks for the comments guys. I went and checked it out, looks to be pretty low hours. The frame paint looked good and the case covers werent worn bad at all. Ive seen 07s with more wear. Its at a car lot and had set outside all day, the motor was cold, but I got it started in maybe 8-9 kicks. Rode it down the street and the motor was ticking, but nothing crazy. Im coming off a two stroke, so I dont know how much is normal for these bikes, but Im sure some chatter is acceptable. After the bike was warm, it started the first or second kick.The bike had excel rims, new chain and sprockets, new impeller and cover, renthal bars, and new graphics, adjustable clutch bracket, and possibly new top clamp? It was black and said tag on it, I assume its aftermarket. The guy is asking 3200 but said hes open to offers. Im gonna offer 2500 cash, do you guys think that would be a good deal?

Oh and it did seem to pop a little on decel. It was still cold and probably abour 45 outside. Is that normal or something to check out?

$2500 is good. The popping and engine noise are normal at certain levels. Obviously, you could have either in excess.

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