exhaust cam upgrade question in a wr426

just got a 01 wr426 that i want to do the auto decompression upgrade to, but would i still buy the 03 yz450 came? just want to make sure this will work in the wr's also before buying.

The '03 YZ450 cam will work. This modification will have two effects on your bike. One, obviously, is auto decompression, and the other is that the YZ timing is more aggressive, which will beef up the performance considerably. The engine will be quite a bit snappier, and much stronger through the mid range, but may be a little less smooth at very low RPM.

You can use aftermarket auto decompression cams for this asw well as OEM Yamaha. The former are more expensive, and are timed exactly as the stock cams are, which is to say by the marks. OEM Yamaha 450 cams cannot be timed by the marks on cam because the marks are for a different head.



03 and 04 yz450 cams have the same part number so I would assume you could use either one

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